Friday, August 28, 2009

never again

Never again will you hear me say "i wish it was tomorrow", or will i take for granted anything in life ever again.
I have seen my wife for two weeks in the past 6 months and my daughter for 2 days in the past 6 months. I have never missed any woman as much as i do my wife, jennifer, than i have ever in my life, and my daughter has been without her father, both have been detrimental to my physical and mental health.
It drains me everyday when i look at pictures or when i only get to talk on the phone for a few minutes. I will admit i have cried more in the past 6 months than i have in my entire life, and i have prayed a lot, something i havent done since i was 6.
It doesnt matterr what i have to do in life, my wife and daughter come first and foremost before anything or anyone. It hurts so bad to be without, and yes i am so lucky to have both in my life and i know they love me dearly, and our love will never end, but just something for everyone to think about when you bitch about being around your family too much or complain about the wife, or you have to be to manly and cant shop with the wife or kids.
Its not that bad, actually its amazing, because my wife is my bestfriend and i love doing everything with her, every second of the day, i cant take a breath without thinking about my wife and daughter.
So next time you feel to manly, think about and imagine your life for a year and a half without your family.
The reason i say a year and a half is because next month, unless a miracle happens i will deploy to afghanistan.
Make sure you know what youre taking for granted and what youre wishing for before you do it.

Because I cant live without my wife and daughter, and its something that will tear you apart.

Just had to get that out.

were not in england

this is a quick one,

what side of the road do we drive on? yes, the right
well then how come when im walking down the sidewalk or isle of the store, people are so persistent to walk on the left side, really?
what the hell has changed, do we need a yellow stripe down the middle of every sidewalk and isle now.
i know this sounds mediocre but it really gets on my nerves, it interrupts my path of motivation. now i have to stop and move out of the way when there was plenty of space on the right side.

just a thought.

the deserving

How come when certain circumstances come to pass, when the whore who cheats on her man every night and they go on with life and stay together and seem to have and get everything they want.
How come when the man goes out every night and cheats on his wife and they too seem to have a great life.
why? these people that do bad things to each other live happy, now i know not every relationship in these circumstances goes on happy, but a lot of relationships just breeze by and live life like they are looking in the opposite direction the entire time, like they know something is going on, but they dont want to interrupt the great thing they think they have.
they have their relationship and it moves forward and they have money and kids and life is like nothing ever happened if they even know the other person is cheating.

Why do people undeserving of true love always seem to be happy, and i know i say "seems", but they do, they live this great life and have fun and enjoy their pitty, selfindulged, and pathetic life.

I know this is all mixed up, but remember im ranting, stay with me.

Then there are relationships like my wife and I, we dont cheat, lie, or do anything wrong to each other, we simply love each other with everything we have, and life has to reach up and stab a thorn right in our sides. I just dont understand when 2 people have love, hope and trust get shit on. now i will say this, im very thankful, we are not poor and living on the streets, my wife and i love each other very much, and we have something that most people dont, true and endless love for each other. i have found that person that i would truly give my life for. she is my true soulmate and i believe that we were meant for each other. i will stand by my wife through thick and thin and will defend her whether she is right or wrong.

so why is it when 2 people love each other like we do, we have to stand on the street corner begging for a glimpse of sanity and reason, while those undeserving smile and wave while riding the luxury suite on the subway. i dont really think subways have luxury suites, but it sounded good, and besides im just typing whats coming to mind.

i could spend a year apart from my wife, and every feeling that i have now would be the same, every hearbeat would be a thought of her, and i would be living for her.

through ranting on this for now, maybe more will come..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1 billion for police

1 billion in grants was just given to police forces around the country to hire some 39,000 officers. That's great and all for those that have new jobs, but has anyone looked at the bigger picture.
I don't know how many people have lost everything that they own because of the depression, ahem, I mean recession, and I don't know how many people of lost their jobs. I do know that there are hundreds of thousands that have.
Now I know not all of these people that have lost everything or their jobs are out looting and committing desperate crimes, but doesnt that always seem to happen when the countries economy spins down the shitter, they hire more cops.
People will do what they have to do to provide for their family, not everyone is out robbing, but some may be committing smaller misdemeanors or infractions.
It is a hard time for many americans, and I dont believe that hiring 39,000 cops is the tiny piece of the puzzle to helping out the economy.
They say it is part of the stimulus package, I myself smell pork barrel funding or something to that affect, wait a minute, isnt that kinda funny, cops and pork barrel funding. HA HA
Thought I would throw in a joke, so kill me.
I don't know everything to how this will affect any bit of the economy, but nothing else seems to be getting done to help anything not attatched to the government.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Text, Text, Text

Texting, the new way to ruin communication skills and relationships with the un-emotional click of send.

Texting is a way to take you out of reality, but make you think that you are actually there. It is a way to pretend that you are what ever you want to be to anyone in your life.

Lets begin with what happened to actual phone calls and face to face communication? It vanished and dissappeared off the face of the planet. Some people still communicate very well face to face and are fashioned in their social skills. I talk with people all day long, ponder and ask myself if they even made it through the fourth grade. Sometimes I feel like slapping myself in the head, because of the idiots I have to listen to all day long. So what, you can polish your nails and text while driving 90 down the highway, I really don't give a shit.

It's these social skills that make us all different and engage our thought process, and give us emotion. With computer mediated communication on the rise, it allows all of our independent thoughts, our history, our feelings, and our differences to be buried in the backyard without a map. These addictions to communicate by text take away from the, used to be everyday, casual conversation at the coffee shop, and make way for the individualistic society to emerge, the me me me world is the revolution. No one wants to take the time to have an actual conversation face to face anymore, it takes too much time. Texting will make the world a dumber place and inept to the fluctuation of life and the enjoyment of someones spoken word. I think that you should have to pass verbal and communication skills test before you can text non-stop, because most of you who text all the time and that is your most productive way of communicating, suck at intelligently carrying on an actual conversation, and need to shut up.

Next, Texting as lifes easy cheating tool. As if the divorce rate were not high enough, now we have new tools and new ways that disable the eye contact of many relationships throughout the world. Now you don't have to look your love in the eye and tell her you were in a meeting when you were really knocking the neighbor lady up. You can text your wife, and what will she say, oh ok.

Reality for relationships is that its too easy now days, its not really lying when you text something untrue, your just writing a story for someone to read, that someone just happens to be your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, but who cares, you dont have to deal with saying it to his or her face and there is no emotion involved. You dont see the glow or smile in someones face when you tell them you love them, its just typed, woo hoo.

Texting is as easy as 123 and the bastard who invented it should have the shit slapped out of him every now and then. Im not saying that everyone who texts is a cheater, Im just implying that it makes it soooo much easier. Why have a conscience, you dont need one, just type whatever you want someone to hear and it magically becomes your life story and everyone believes it. You can become anyone you want while your texting, even as I define "a piece of shit human being".

Texting pushes the thought process in your head to think, hey I can actually get away with this, because I dont have to physically talk to my partner, I can text him or her whatever they want to hear or that your out with the guys or girls, and your partner believes every word, too easy.

Texting has stolen the emotion out of relationships, now you can work or pretend to work 14 hours a day and sleep with the intern and no one knows the difference. Lifes new technology has become prostitute row for both men and women, you just don't get paid for it. Im suprised they havent came out with a phone you can enjoy a dinner with and screw, thats probably in the works.

Relationships are drowning, and what needs to be brought back is time and patience and trust, it doesnt seem anyone wants to spend time with a person, they are in such a hurry, and enjoy what they dont call lying, because its not a lie unless its face to face. For those that are text cheaters and relationship frauds, you should have your lower belongings removed, sorry trying to keep it a little clean. You are worthless to society as a whole, and don't deserve anyone.

I hate texting, there are times I am glad for the technology, because I am in the military and away from my wife, and there are times we can't talk on the phone. I trust my wife with everything in my life, and love her very much.

These are not edited, these are just rants, complaints, and fits about stuff I see and hear on a day to day basis. I hope you enjoy.... Thanks.


Why tell me why is it that when you are on a phone conversation people have to come and sit right beside you, when obviously there is plenty of open seats or open spaces to stand. I don't understand some people. Then after they sit or stand beside you, they either pick up a conversation with someone nearby or talk on the phone as well. Oh, and by the way, they have to talk louder than you, because now your conversation is interrupting theirs. Is it selfishness for space, or competition for noise, or do you just have to be near someone at all times.
This really entices me to change my conversation topic to something about sexual positions that make others uncomfortable, maybe a murder, or that I am methed out and feel like strangling somebody. I just like to see the look on peoples faces, with the shock value of it all. I mean if they really want in on the conversation, then I will give them a conversation.
You know, maybe I could just listen to them and wait to hear who their talking to and then use that persons name in my conversation the entire time, see if they catch on or wonder if I am talking about the same person.
Maybe I could just start repeating everything they say into my phone call, until they get irratated enough that they pack up the bothersome bags and get the hell out of town.
This just seems to happen quite often and was looking for answers as to why.
This is just another rant through the grapevine, my first of many.