Friday, August 28, 2009

never again

Never again will you hear me say "i wish it was tomorrow", or will i take for granted anything in life ever again.
I have seen my wife for two weeks in the past 6 months and my daughter for 2 days in the past 6 months. I have never missed any woman as much as i do my wife, jennifer, than i have ever in my life, and my daughter has been without her father, both have been detrimental to my physical and mental health.
It drains me everyday when i look at pictures or when i only get to talk on the phone for a few minutes. I will admit i have cried more in the past 6 months than i have in my entire life, and i have prayed a lot, something i havent done since i was 6.
It doesnt matterr what i have to do in life, my wife and daughter come first and foremost before anything or anyone. It hurts so bad to be without, and yes i am so lucky to have both in my life and i know they love me dearly, and our love will never end, but just something for everyone to think about when you bitch about being around your family too much or complain about the wife, or you have to be to manly and cant shop with the wife or kids.
Its not that bad, actually its amazing, because my wife is my bestfriend and i love doing everything with her, every second of the day, i cant take a breath without thinking about my wife and daughter.
So next time you feel to manly, think about and imagine your life for a year and a half without your family.
The reason i say a year and a half is because next month, unless a miracle happens i will deploy to afghanistan.
Make sure you know what youre taking for granted and what youre wishing for before you do it.

Because I cant live without my wife and daughter, and its something that will tear you apart.

Just had to get that out.

were not in england

this is a quick one,

what side of the road do we drive on? yes, the right
well then how come when im walking down the sidewalk or isle of the store, people are so persistent to walk on the left side, really?
what the hell has changed, do we need a yellow stripe down the middle of every sidewalk and isle now.
i know this sounds mediocre but it really gets on my nerves, it interrupts my path of motivation. now i have to stop and move out of the way when there was plenty of space on the right side.

just a thought.

the deserving

How come when certain circumstances come to pass, when the whore who cheats on her man every night and they go on with life and stay together and seem to have and get everything they want.
How come when the man goes out every night and cheats on his wife and they too seem to have a great life.
why? these people that do bad things to each other live happy, now i know not every relationship in these circumstances goes on happy, but a lot of relationships just breeze by and live life like they are looking in the opposite direction the entire time, like they know something is going on, but they dont want to interrupt the great thing they think they have.
they have their relationship and it moves forward and they have money and kids and life is like nothing ever happened if they even know the other person is cheating.

Why do people undeserving of true love always seem to be happy, and i know i say "seems", but they do, they live this great life and have fun and enjoy their pitty, selfindulged, and pathetic life.

I know this is all mixed up, but remember im ranting, stay with me.

Then there are relationships like my wife and I, we dont cheat, lie, or do anything wrong to each other, we simply love each other with everything we have, and life has to reach up and stab a thorn right in our sides. I just dont understand when 2 people have love, hope and trust get shit on. now i will say this, im very thankful, we are not poor and living on the streets, my wife and i love each other very much, and we have something that most people dont, true and endless love for each other. i have found that person that i would truly give my life for. she is my true soulmate and i believe that we were meant for each other. i will stand by my wife through thick and thin and will defend her whether she is right or wrong.

so why is it when 2 people love each other like we do, we have to stand on the street corner begging for a glimpse of sanity and reason, while those undeserving smile and wave while riding the luxury suite on the subway. i dont really think subways have luxury suites, but it sounded good, and besides im just typing whats coming to mind.

i could spend a year apart from my wife, and every feeling that i have now would be the same, every hearbeat would be a thought of her, and i would be living for her.

through ranting on this for now, maybe more will come..