Saturday, July 25, 2009


Why tell me why is it that when you are on a phone conversation people have to come and sit right beside you, when obviously there is plenty of open seats or open spaces to stand. I don't understand some people. Then after they sit or stand beside you, they either pick up a conversation with someone nearby or talk on the phone as well. Oh, and by the way, they have to talk louder than you, because now your conversation is interrupting theirs. Is it selfishness for space, or competition for noise, or do you just have to be near someone at all times.
This really entices me to change my conversation topic to something about sexual positions that make others uncomfortable, maybe a murder, or that I am methed out and feel like strangling somebody. I just like to see the look on peoples faces, with the shock value of it all. I mean if they really want in on the conversation, then I will give them a conversation.
You know, maybe I could just listen to them and wait to hear who their talking to and then use that persons name in my conversation the entire time, see if they catch on or wonder if I am talking about the same person.
Maybe I could just start repeating everything they say into my phone call, until they get irratated enough that they pack up the bothersome bags and get the hell out of town.
This just seems to happen quite often and was looking for answers as to why.
This is just another rant through the grapevine, my first of many.

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